Pressing Memories

I’ve lived in a few different places since being married and I’ve always wanted to find a way to commemorate each home. Something unique to each that would instantly bring back memories of where we lived.

I thought back to ways I would keep things when I was kid, and remembered the times I would pick flowers or leaves and press them between book pages to flatten out and dry for keepsake. This led me to the idea of picking leaves/flowers from my garden for my home memorabilia.

Step One – Venture outside and do some picking. Your favorite tree or flower is the best bet to go with. Find the perfect one and pick it out. Since this idea came to me after we had moved two times, I did some fudging and found leaves that I liked, putting the old street names below these.

Step Two – Find your biggest and heaviest book! (cat not needed)

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Step Three – Fold a blank paper around the leaf/flower and close inside the book.

Step Four – Leave for a week. I put a date in my calendar so I wouldn’t forget about.

Step Five – Find a picture frame and a location in your home to display your history.

Step Six – Tape or glue the pressed leaf/flower to a thicker piece of white paper. I hand wrote the street name, but you could also type it up and print it out.


All you have left to do is display it in the home.

This is my favorite kind of DIY. Time requirement is minimal and you can piece it together over a few weeks. Hope you enjoyed the post! Catch you on the next one.

Until then.


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